What it Can Do

The Tiny Solar Charging House can be brought to virtually any festival or event. It requires no hook-ups, just a sunny spot and we provide the power.

Cell phone charging station
The Tiny Solar Charging House operates similar to a coat check, customer gives us their phone and we give them a token. Customer returns the token, we return the charged cell phone. We store the phone in a cubby inside the house.

  • Rent the Tiny Solar Charging House for your event. (rates vary due to event type, size and location)
  • Sponsor the Tiny Solar Charging House and we can charge peoples cell phones for free. People will love you :)
  •  We are fully insured against loss or theft, no questions asked. 

Off Grid Living and Disaster Resiliency
The Tiny Solar Charging House is a great educational tool that can be used for a variety of learning and demonstration needs.

Craig Ernst, Founder
503.810.8823 / info[at}festivalsolar[dot]com