How it Works

The Solar PV Modules on the roof collect the sun's energy and create a DC current that goes through a charge controller and carefully charges the batteries. The batteries kick out a DC current in to an inverter that changes the current from DC to AC and thus we have our standard electrical outlets. That is it, very simple! The batteries can go through hundreds of cycles for ten years or more. The solar PV modules will last up to 50 years. 

The Tiny Solar Charging House can be brought to virtually any festival or event. It requires no hook-ups, just a sunny spot and we provide the power.

How much power? How much power do you want? 

Cell Phone Charging Station
The Tiny Solar Charging House operates similar to a coat check, a customer gives us their phone and we give them a token. The customer returns the token, we return the charged cell phone. We store the phone in a cubby inside the house.

    •    Rent the Tiny Solar Charging House for your event. (rates vary due to event type, size and location)
    •    Sponsor the Tiny Solar Charging House and we can charge peoples cell phones for free. People will love you :)
    •     We are fully insured against loss or theft, no questions asked. 

Pathway Lighting
The Tiny Solar Charging House offers a clean, silent option for powering pathway and other ambient lighting needs at festivals and events.

Off Grid Living and Disaster Resiliency
The Tiny Solar Charging House is a great educational tool that can be used for a variety of learning and demonstration needs.